If you didn't know, B-Hive is Birmingham-based competition that runs each year, focusing in Graphic Design, Advertising, Digital & PR. The 2014 brief, Threads, was my first B-Hive entry, as it's first pushed to second year students. Threads is a retail brand and store, focussing mainly in their online presence, with the future to be pushed into department stores such as Selfridges and House of Fraser. The brief started the brand was heavily influenced by current and upcoming trends and interested in technology and how you can push the brand digitally.

I entered the Graphic Design & Digital areas, as I wanted my entry to be broad enough to be seen as an integrated campaign, rather than two different pieces of work. I started by thinking about the brand and the style I wanted to create. After numerous ideas and sketches, logo  experimentation and development, I decided to progress with the below piece of branding.


The idea was to fuse the R of Threads with a hanger, therefore pairing the visual semiotic of a hanger with the Threads brand. The power of a coat-hanger could be massive in making Threads a well-known brand. Imagine the brand power if Threads could be 'renowned' for their hangers. This is something I have featured and focused on with my brand collateral.

The traditional collateral is very simple, as you can see below. The brand would be focussed on quality and minimalism, as they are both features and characteristics of what people consider to be a premium, innovative brand. The basic collateral can be seen directly below. 


As I mentioned before, Threads' main collateral would be their in-store hangers. These could be given to customers who spend 'x' amount online (eg) or pay ad additional fee on to of their order. One idea could be colour co-ordinated hangers, such as size specific hangers, where they would light up a different colour depending on the item and size hung on the hanger.


This idea could easily stretch to artist/designer collaborations, season specific hangers, and much more. A simple advertising idea would be that Threads invest a lot in their hangers because that's all many customers will see, if they aren't on time with new releases etc.