When the countdown hits 0, the shoes would become purchasable, and the main idea of the site would become clearer. Most limited edition sneakers often sell out in seconds due to demand, and this means a lot of people who want them, don't get them. This quickest clickers/typers have a greater chance of being able to purchase, and I want this factors to be eliminated from my release, and people would already know (if they paid attention) through the Instagram campaign that the release was not a conventional 'add to bag' sneaker release.

The release idea is that people would have to match Pick n Mix sweet combinations with one of five people who contributed to the creation of the Pick n Mix pack. Each persona would carry a 'clue' - a quote about their preference. Each 'quote' raises in complexity, with a total of 30 pairs being available 'behind' each selection. The first persona, as pictured in the below video, would be rather simple; "All I ever eat at the Movies is Strawberry Laces", meaning the first 30 users to simply select 'Strawberry Laces' and click 'add to bag' would be sent to a congratulations screen, where they can choose which pair(s) they want to buy.

Each time a combination is matched, the user can share a second, easier quote regarding that persona with their friends on social media. The final, hardest solution may be a combination of seven of the twelve sweets. Mathematically, there are 479,001,600 possible selections.


Slow, simple website walkthrough videos: