The main purpose of the app is for it to be used during the screening itself, which is somewhat unconventional and untraditional. The thought behind the idea was to allow users to engage with the film on multiple levels. Expanding on the worldwide shared experience, the app is effectively a comment feed. Viewers of the film can comment on themes and ideas in the film, such as hidden meanings and plot themes. Comments would be filtered so the film can't be spoilt for early viewers, with the aim to educate viewers that may not fully understand.

Comments would appear in real time on the app. If (e.g.) Paolo commented 32 minutes into the film at the Barcelona showing in Spain on Monday 1st, it would be visible to all viewers until 35 minutes into the film. Once someone has replied and commented on the post, it will stay in both their notifications as a conversation. On Tuesday 2nd in Birmingham, Paolo's comment would again appear at 32 minutes in Birmingham, with all comments appearing in real time.