Branding and digital platform for Odyssey.


The B-Hive 2015 briefs were for Odyssey, a hotel chain providing adventure holidays whilst maintaining the highest level of luxury. I submitted work for both the Graphic Design and Digital categories, which led me to be shortlisted to present in front of industry creatives for the chance to win placements. I went on to win 7 weeks of paid work at four different Midland agencies.




The Graphic Design brief required 'Odyssey' to be branded, with a full suite of brand collateral. My solution was to focus on the adventure aspect - combining navigation and technology by fusing the O of Odyssey with a 'digital' compass arrow. Luxury is a subjective characteristic; it has a different 'meaning' to each person, so I decided to convey it as modernism, innovation and minimalism through my clean, minimal design style. I named the chain 'Hotel Odyssey' as I felt it carried a strong luxurious link, with a line that conveys innovation through pioneering.